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Kenneth P. Pangburn began creating wildlife sculptures thirty one years ago as a way of pursuing a lifelong interest in the outdoors. As he refined his skills he made a specialty out of creating detailed figures of birds in flight and resting decorative decoys. Ken now animates birds such as the Blue Heron, White Ibis, Yellow Headed Night Heron, and the Green Heron in the art studio at the back of his home. This location is very convenient as it allows Ken's enthusiasm with avian wildlife to be recharged by the resident Labrador Retrievers, Jade and Zoe.

Ken began carving and painting birds even as he was the president of an insurance company. After finishing his tenure of 50 plus years there, he started a Managing General Agency called The Pangburn Group Ltd. He has also served as the President of the Rip Van Winkle Council, Inc. BSA. on five separate occasions. Despite these considerable demands on his time, when not traveling, he finds at least twenty hours per week to carve and paint his models.

In order to be as authentic of a representation as possible, Ken makes his birds, even those in flight, to be a life-size model. The one exception to this is the American Bald Eagle, which is done in a still very magnificent half size. The creation of one of these Eagles, which is usually positioned on the a wood of diseased cherry, takes six months. Another particularly challenging bird to create is the pheasant because of its complex color scheme and intricate feather pattern. Ken welcomes custom projects and welcomes clients to come visit their bird throughout the creative process.